Grenius Software B.V.
Statenlaan 49
3051 HL Rotterdam

Phone: 010-8917505


The software of Grenius Software BV is designed for real estate companies with focus on communication around property and management of property. 4D drawings, in combination with the web-modules makes it incredibly easy and effective to communicate about property in all business processes.

Housing companies
In the daily business of housing companies are many complex management and strategic challenges. Our software helps you to realize more professional, efficient and effective real estate management.

Real estate brokers
Our 3D drawings give real estate brokers extra service to sell or rent houses. Showing 3D drawings is the next best thing from showing someone around in a house. Our web-module virtual city adds the possibility to show houses on Google Maps, show points of interest in the neighbourhood and of course also to show pictures etc.

Holiday resorts and travel agencies
In renting a holiday appartment it’s probably even more important to show points of interest in the neighbourhood. This way people who are searching for a nice place to stay can see why a certain apartment can be located in a good neighbourhood. Apart from that also here the 4D drawings can add value in order to show the exact way a 3D module looks.

Project developer
For project developers communication about real estate is very important in order to inform buyers and other stakeholders even before the building starts. The 4D drawings offer the potential to give buyers options in how the house will be build.