Grenius Software B.V.
Statenlaan 49
3051 HL Rotterdam

Phone: 010-8917505

Welcome to the Grenius Software BV website

Grenius Software BV offers a new generation Graphical Real Estate Management tools. Our solutions deliver great added value for Real Estate companies and real estate brokers.

With our software you can present property in your website in a way not shown before. You can present houses 4 dimensional (which is in 3 Dimensions + data dimension) on Google Mapsin combination with points of interest from the neighbourhood. This gives you the opportunity to show potential buyers or tenants a almost real live look in property of their interest.

In order to create 4D drawings of your property we offer a very cost-effective and quick way to create these drawings.

For real estate companies we also offer software to maintain drawings, use them in different business processes and integrate the data of the drawings with your administration software. With this we provide you with the right tools to optimize maintaining your real estate drawings throughout the whole lifecycle of the property. To see what the Return On Investment can be on our software go to ROI

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information about our software and services. E-mail to or phone us on 0031108917502.