Grenius Software B.V.
Statenlaan 49
3051 HL Rotterdam

Phone: 010-8917505


Grenius Software B.V. originated from CentricWe have an has an exclusive partnership for some branches in the Dutch market. Centric is the biggest software developer in the Benelux. With the partnership Centric gets innovative softwareproducts where Grenius Software BV can use the experience and marketknowledge from Centric.

Grenius stands for GRown up gENIUS referring to the technology that is used to realize our software. We use a combination of internet technology, 3D visualisation linking data to 3D models and integration with back office systems. The combination of these ingredients is unique and only recently possible. In the late nineties of the 20th century internet was a magic word and the sky the limit. Genius people created genius solutions, however only now, one decade later the solutions are really mature enough to implement them. Hence our name, we don’t experiment with new, non proven technology but use new technology to add true value for our customers.


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